Sunday, December 13, 2009

Paul Clayton - Timber-r-r!

Track Listing

Side 1: Side 2:
1. Lumberman's Alphabet 8. Canaday
2. Jerry's Rock 9. Jack Haggerty
3. Little Brown Bull 10. Rackets Around Blue
4. Harry Dunn Mountain Lake
5. James Whalen 11. Backwoodsman
6. Wild Mustard River 12. Lost Jimmie
7. Banks of the Little Eau Plaine 13. Peter Emberly
14. Harry Bale
15. Jolly Shantyboys

Special thanks to Drew Christie who hosts the Democracy for the Cartoons blog. He found this album at a record store we went to in Astoria, Oregon called Mallternative. He and I were out there for a festival called Batwater that included the amazing Michael Hurley and also the talented Freak Mountain Ramblers. I did not get a chance to go this year because I moved to Alaska this summer. Drew is currently working with some people on animation parts for a documentary or Snockumentary if you will, which I believe will be entitled something like Doc Snock and the Land of Lo-Fi. I have a good feeling it should be awesome and I can't wait for it to come out.

The album itself is really good, but there is some surface noise. I still feel it is enjoyable and it kind of gives it a rustic feel, so I would still recommend downloading it.

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