Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cockerham, Jarrell And Jenkins - Back Home in the Blue Ridge, County 723 (1970)

Sorry Folks, I just found out that this is still in print in a different format. These tracks can be found on a two CDs @ County Sales . They put 3 LPs the trio did from the 60's onto these CDs


  1. wow what a treasure !
    I picked up the fiddle half a year ago, and am discovering all the great American fiddlers, and Tommy Jarrell 's one of them, I don't think you can even imagine how hard it is to find this kinda music over here in Belgium (Europe that is)...

  2. Glad I grabbed this when I did, but if the CDs offer more, I'll be sure to get those for more music. I hate 'not supporting' a label, especially good ones like County, Old Homestead, JSP, Document, and Bear Family, but I seldom have the money to buy the albums directly so I have to get them used.

    It's nice that other folks are able to help pay my way though, and keep the music alive. I also appreciate the labels for not shutting you down like they would with other blogs; posting of what we think or what may be out-of-print or hard-to-find music allows listeners a small taste of a genre, and they can go out and make a better-informed decision when they purchase the albums legitimately, first-hand or used, it makes no real difference.

    All the best to you, and thanks for all the hard work.