Friday, May 14, 2010

Jim Howie - Gooseberry Pie - Prairie Schooner (1975)

The music of James Dale Howie reflects a long tradition of Anglo-Scots and southern mountain people and also presents a superb example of the sounds of early radio passing into the repertoire of a traditional singer. Jim was born on December 20, 1934, to Luella Fullerton and Walter Roland Howie on the outskirts of the village of Eden, Randolph County, in southern Illinois. His grandparents and great-grandparents lived in Randolph County, arriving there from Northern Ireland, England and South Carolina before the Civil War.
(excerpt of the liner notes. the rest is in the download folder.)

Thanks go to Drew Christie, who does the Democracy for the Cartoons Blog, for transferring and letting me borrow this album.


  1. Excellent, thank you so very much. I love the obscurer postings like this some days.

  2. Wonderful blogpost! This talented man and reverend is the current pastor of my mother's church but he is retiring this year and needs many prayers right now. But the music link is broken (file gone). Is there any chance you still have the Howie album(s) for download on a new link?? rainofhearts @